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By Joe Peoples

As a Performance Development Coach and Real Estate Professional with over 20 years of experience, I empower individuals to create freedom and live their lives more fully. Whether my clients desire a more successful business, flexibility in their schedule, more work-life balance , or all of the above, I work side by side with them to embolden my clients to build the businesses and lives they are craving.

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When working in a service industry like real estate, consumers expect you, their agent, to be an expert. This means that your expertise translates into a successful sale. For clients, a successful sale equals good value, good timing, and a smooth, surprise-free process. This is what I want to focus on today: how to be a real estate expert.

First, when you’re an expert, you get to manage unexpected situations and have great timing. The reality is that there are things we cannot control, so you have to be adaptable. An example of exhibiting expertise is this: as a sales manager, I get called in because of an emergency. When I evaluate what happened with the emergency, I can just go through it chronologically, checking the dates of the contract and seeing loopholes instantly.
Beyond timing and dates, another thing that interferes with having a successful sale is the expectations you set as an agent. As a sales agent, it is important to keep a professional relationship with the co-op agent to avoid emotional distractions like battling egos with each other. This kind of distraction can potentially extend to your clients, resulting in costly consequences for the client or clients involved. Avoid the drama and keep personal issues separate from the negotiation.

“Focus on the process, be professional with other agents, pay attention to dates and times, and follow your timeline.”

At the end of the day, all the client wants is a seamless buying or selling experience. They want to see the house, come up with a competitive offer, negotiate, and close the sale. As an expert, you have to make things work out smoothly and in an orderly fashion. Not meeting your client’s expectations only creates disruption and wastes time.

Things go smoothly when you focus on the process, be professional with other agents, pay attention to dates and times, and follow your timeline. These things create value for the clients. Let’s be professionals. Let’s be experts and focus on making our clients happy.

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