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By Joe Peoples

As a Performance Development Coach and Real Estate Professional with over 20 years of experience, I empower individuals to create freedom and live their lives more fully. Whether my clients desire a more successful business, flexibility in their schedule, more work-life balance , or all of the above, I work side by side with them to embolden my clients to build the businesses and lives they are craving.

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There are certain expectations that your clients expect from you when you are in the service industry. As a real estate expert, buyers and sellers assume that you are an expert and that you know how to do your job right. That is why they have chosen you, and you don’t want to let them down. For today’s article, I’d like to share with you three key areas to focus on so you can consistently show up for your client, demonstrate your expertise, and build trust.

1. Know the things you can’t control. Identify the things that are beyond your control. The best example of this is the real estate market—it’s so much bigger than you are, and as much as you want to, there’s no way you can single-handedly influence the market. Instead of dwelling on this, develop your ability to influence others. And influence can be demonstrated by the intentional choices that you make, no matter how small they may be.

“Controlling the controllable gives you better opportunities to influence the outcome and those things outside of your control.”

2. Focus on the things you have control over. I always use the phrase “control the controllable.” This means that you need to fully take advantage of the things you can control because you have control over them. And what are those, you ask? Your actions and thoughts. As an expert, you are responsible for your buyers and sellers. Spend time working on things that give your clients value and ultimately lead them to a successful sale.

  • Be service-oriented. Do your homework and learn everything that you can about the industry, like market trends, what sells and what doesn’t, giving them accurate home valuations, and giving them options as well as alternatives. These things can give them the ability to make the best decisions when buying or selling their properties.
  • Right timing. Ask your clients about their timelines and manage their timing expectations when it comes to timing. Include the timeline on your contract, get your dates lined up, and talk to them about when they have to move or need to be somewhere.

3. Control the surprises. While you can’t prevent everything, you can be proactive about it. Most real estate transactions are routine, but there can be surprises. Avoid this by developing a system to anticipate potential issues and have a ready solution for your clients. Be a few steps ahead and keep things organized. This can minimize surprises and show that you can handle unexpected situations.

Controlling the controllable gives you better opportunities to influence the outcome and those things outside of your control. This makes you an expert in the eyes of your clients. Let us live up to the expectations of our consumers, and together, let’s build a profitable and thriving business. If you have questions or want to connect, reach out to me by phone or email. I’ll be happy to help.

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